162. Urenea "Uree"8 Williams (Keziah7 Cole, Sampson6, Joseph5, Hugh4, Hugh3, Hugh2, James1)(259) was born in Sugar Grove, Wythe, VA, US April 3, 1801. Urenea died after 1870.

She married twice. She married David Cress in Wythe, VA, US, 16 JUN. David was born in Wythe, VA, US December 19, 1791. (Additional notes for David Cress(260)) David died 1842 in E. Taylorsville, Johnson, TN, US, at 50 years of age. She married Mathias Keen in Johnson, TN, US, November 13, 1849. (Additional notes for Mathias Keen(261))

Urenea "Uree" Williams and David Cress had the following children:

child 309 i. Nicholas S9 Cress(262) was born in TN, US 1819. He married Susan Colbough July 23, 1840. Susan was born in TN, US about 1812. (Additional notes for Susan Colbough(263))

child 310 ii. William Cress(264) was born in Wythe, VA, US 1820. He married Elizabeth Allison in Johnson, TN, US, October 12, 1851. Elizabeth was born 1836. (Additional notes for Elizabeth Allison(265))

child 311 iii. Samuel W Cress(266) was born in Wythe, VA, US 1821. He married Mary Brown in Johnson, TN, US, June 6, 1853. Mary was born about 1835. (Additional notes for Mary Brown(267))

child 312 iv. Daniel N Cress(268) was born in Carter, TN, US September 15, 1825. He married Sarah C Rose 1847. Sarah was born in VA, US July 6, 1823. (Additional notes for Sarah C Rose(269)) Sarah died 1880 at 56 years of age.

child 313 v. Keziah Cress(270) was born in Davidson, NC October 22, 1826. Keziah died May 2, 1904 in Johnson, TN, US, at 77 years of age. She married Reubin Fritts in Johnson, TN, US, March 11, 1844. Reubin was born in Davidson, NC, US March 26, 1815. (Additional notes for Reubin Fritts(271))

child 314 vi. Sampson C Cress(272) was born in Carter, TN, US 1828.

child 315 vii. Martha Cress(273) was born in Carter, TN, US 1829. She married Lewis Elliot. (Additional notes for Lewis Elliot(274))

child 316 viii. Andrew J Cress(275) was born in Carter, TN, US 1832. He married Mary Elizabeth Bandy. (Additional notes for Mary Elizabeth Bandy(276))

child 317 ix. Elizabeth A Cress(277) was born in Johnson, TN, US 1835.

child 318 x. James M Cress(278) was born in Johnson, TN, US 1837. He married Rachel Jenkins. (Additional notes for Rachel Jenkins(279))

child 319 xi. Rachel A Cress(280) was born in Johnson, TN, US 1839. She married Jacob Taylor. (Additional notes for Jacob Taylor(281))

child 320 xii. Mary J Cress(282) was born in Johnson, TN, US 1841. She married Calvin Toliver. (Additional notes for Calvin Toliver(283))

child 321 xiii. Eliza C Cress(284) was born in Johnson, TN, US February 1, 1843. She married Philip Osborn. (Additional notes for Philip Osborn(285))

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