40. Sampson6 Cole (Joseph5, Hugh4, Hugh3, Hugh2, James1)(51) was born in Swansea, Ma, US March 7, 1750. Sampson died June 25, 1828 at 78 years of age.

He married twice. He married Lydia Wheeler. Lydia was born about 1770. (Additional notes for Lydia Wheeler(52)) He married Keziah Cole. Keziah was born in Washington, VA, US 1750. (Additional notes for Keziah Cole(53))

Sampson Cole and Lydia Wheeler had the following children:

child 67 i. Freelove7 Cole(54).

child 68 ii. Ann Cole(55). She married William Stalcup. (Additional notes for William Stalcup(56))

child 69 iii. James Cole(57).

child 70 iv. Elizabeth Cole(58). She married Andrew Patterson Rev. (Additional notes for Andrew Patterson Rev.(59))

child 71 v. William Cole(60).

child + 72 vi. Abigail Cole.

child + 73 vii. Martha "Patty" Cole was born about 1780.

child + 74 viii. Jesse Cole was born July 3, 1781.

Sampson Cole and Keziah Cole had the following children:

child + 75 ix. Keziah Cole was born March 6, 1774.

child 76 x. Samuel Cole(61) was born 1776. He married Mary Brown. (Additional notes for Mary Brown(62))

child 77 xi. David Cole(63) was born 1778. He married Member Woolsey. Member was born about 1778. (Additional notes for Member Woolsey(64))

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