Seventh Generation

7. Thompson7 Thayer (Baruch6, Ebenezer5, Uriah4, Ebenezer3, Ferdinando2, Thomas1)(8) was born 1795. Thompson died 1859 at 64 years of age.

He married Patsey Martha "Mattie" Collins January 7, 1819. Patsey was born 1800. (Additional notes for Patsey Martha "Mattie" Collins(9)) Patsey died 1859 at 59 years of age.

Thompson Thayer and Patsey Martha "Mattie" Collins had the following children:

child 8 i. Jeremiah8 Thayer(10).

child 9 ii. Mary Jane Thayer(11) was born 1820. She married Alonzo Spears September 19, 1839. (Additional notes for Alonzo Spears(12))

child 10 iii. Eliza Thayer(13) was born 1821.

child 11 iv. Harriet Thayer(14) was born 1823.

child 12 v. Augustus Thayer(15) was born 1826.

child + 13 vi. James Thayer was born September 5, 1827.

child 14 vii. Robert Benjamin Thayer(16) was born 1829. Robert died 1894 at 65 years of age.

child 15 viii. Martha Elizabeth Thayer(17) was born 1831. Martha died 1905 at 74 years of age. She married David Rector October 14, 1852. (Additional notes for David Rector(18))

child 16 ix. Eli Thayer(19) was born 1834.

child 17 x. Delilah Thayer(20) was born 1835.

child 18 xi. Nancy Thayer(21) was born 1836.

child 19 xii. Manerva Thayer(22) was born 1840. Manerva died 1913 at 73 years of age.

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