Eighth Generation

13. James8 Thayer (Thompson7, Baruch6, Ebenezer5, Uriah4, Ebenezer3, Ferdinando2, Thomas1)(23) was born September 5, 1827. James died April 15, 1886 at 58 years of age.

He married Mary Ann Grubb December 21, 1848. Mary was born 1824. (Additional notes for Mary Ann Grubb(24)) Mary died 1904 at 80 years of age.

James Thayer and Mary Ann Grubb had the following children:

child 20 i. David Alexander9 Thayer(25) was born 1849. David died 1917 at 68 years of age. He married Florence Virginia Minnick. Florence was born 1851. (Additional notes for Florence Virginia Minnick(26)) Florence died 1910 at 59 years of age.

child + 21 ii. Thomas Jamerson Thayer was born March 3, 1851.

child 22 iii. Elizabeth Ann Thayer(27) was born 1852. Elizabeth died 1936 at 84 years of age. She married Moses Carr Hardy. Moses was born 1852. (Additional notes for Moses Carr Hardy(28)) Moses died 1915 at 63 years of age.

child 23 iv. Thompson McConnell Thayer(29) was born 1855. Thompson died 1931 at 76 years of age. He married Sarah Owen "Sally" Boyd. Sarah was born 1855. (Additional notes for Sarah Owen "Sally" Boyd(30)) Sarah died 1912 at 57 years of age.

child 24 v. Andrew Jackson Thayer(31) was born 1855. Andrew died 1925 at 70 years of age. He married Nannie Cole Mullins. Nannie was born 1866. (Additional notes for Nannie Cole Mullins(32)) Nannie died 1925 at 59 years of age.

child 25 vi. Jacob Grubb Thayer(33) was born 1864. Jacob died 1934 at 70 years of age. He married Annie Eleanor Hayter. Annie was born 1869. (Additional notes for Annie Eleanor Hayter(34)) Annie died 1943 at 74 years of age.

child 26 vii. James Abner Thayer(35) was born 1870. James died 1947 at 77 years of age. He married Elizabeth Thompson Hayter. Elizabeth was born 1871. (Additional notes for Elizabeth Thompson Hayter(36)) Elizabeth died 1953 at 82 years of age.

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