Fourth Generation

18. Christina Marriah4 Miller (Jacob3, Mary2 Rhinehart, Owen1)(40) was born August 14, 1838. Christina died February 17, 1916 at 77 years of age.

She married Henry Maurla Kindrick June 18, 1860. Henry was born in Mendota, VA, US October 2, 1829. (Additional notes for Henry Maurla Kindrick(41))

Christina Marriah Miller and Henry Maurla Kindrick had the following children:

child 32 i. Marion5 Kindrick(42) was born in VA, US August 10, 1860. Marion died August 28, 1935 at 75 years of age. He married Sallie E A Cressell. (Additional notes for Sallie E A Cressell(43))

child 33 ii. Mary Elizabeth "Sis" Kindrick(44) was born 1861. Mary died 1929 at 68 years of age. She married Charles B Clark. (Additional notes for Charles B Clark(45))

child 34 iii. Charlotte "Sharl" Kindrick(46) was born 1863. Charlotte died 1945 at 82 years of age. She married Abe B Ringley. (Additional notes for Abe B Ringley(47))

child 35 iv. Sarah E "Song" Kindrick(48) was born 1866. Sarah died 1889 at 23 years of age. She married Elic Eaton. (Additional notes for Elic Eaton(49))

child 36 v. Harriett S "Ella" Kindrick(50) was born 1869. Harriett died 1940 at 71 years of age. She married John Rodefer 1894. (Additional notes for John Rodefer(51))

child 37 vi. Matilda "Tillie" Kindrick(52) was born 1872. Matilda died 1942 at 70 years of age. She married William J Cressell 1893. (Additional notes for William J Cressell(53))

child + 38 vii. Talitha "Allie" Kindrick was born 1874.

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