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Joe J. Thomas (1900-1980)(front center) and his descendants now living in Indiana
My grandfather
"That's me in the lower right corner in the dark jacket."
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Fred Oliver Thomas (1869-1957)
My great grandfather
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Henry Clay Thomas (1845-1889)
My great, great grandfather
"He was born in Washington Co., Virginia, fought in the Civil War, then married a farmer's daughter in Parke Co., Indiana."
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Henry Sanders Gross (1875-1966) and his horse
My great grandfather
"He could walk on stilts until the day he died on December 2, 1966 at 91 years of age."
My first tractor
My second tractor
"I found out tractors need fuel...and a neat hat."
"I want to know who made me do this!"
"Can I check your temperature?"
"My favorite bow tie."
Acting mature
The seventies
"I was probably singing about peace on earth."
"Which way do I go?"
"Something smells fishy."
"I thought you said this would be easy."
Being serious
Buying a violin on the black market in Russia
"Hey, isn't that illegal?"
Honorary member of the KGB
"You should have seen the faces of the Russians on the streets."
When my life really began
Hillary Jane Thomas (1994- )
"My daughter loves my jokes."