Second Generation

5. John2 Cowan (William Rutledge1) was born in Sullivan, TN, US May 2, 1833.

He married Nancy Minerva Potter. Nancy was born in Jackson Twp, Polk, MO, US April 4, 1840.

John Cowan and Nancy Minerva Potter had the following children:

child 13 i. Andrew3 Cowan was born September 15, 1858.

child 14 ii. Jesse Potter Cowan was born March 21, 1863.

child 15 iii. Martha Ellen Cowan was born June 1, 1864.

child 16 iv. Lucian D Cowan was born January 31, 1867.

child 17 v. Louisa Cowan was born in MO, US July 12, 1867.

child 18 vi. Robert Cowan was born February 8, 1870.

child 19 vii. Susan Ophelia Cowan was born in Morgan Twp, Dade, MO, US June 5, 1872. She married three times. She married Prior Lee Neil. Prior was born in MO, US July 25, 1867. She married Joe Pitman. Joe was born about 1872. She married William Brown. William was born about 1872.

child 20 viii. Maggie Bell Cowan was born February 14, 1878.

child 21 ix. John Lawrence Cowan was born August 28, 1880.

child 22 x. Clara Mae Cowan was born May 28, 1883.

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