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Allison, Fanny (i71), b.1862-
Allison, Martha (i70), b.1860-
Allison, William Henry (marriage to Martha Countiss) (i69), b.1865-


Blondell, Emily (i63), b.1873-
Blondell, Eugene (i65), b.1877-
Blondell, Ezra (i62), b.1870-
Blondell, Freeman (i58), b.1862-
Blondell, James (i61), b.1868-
Blondell, John (i64), b.1875-
Blondell, Josafine (i60), b.1866-
Blondell, Margaret (i66), b.1881-
Blondell, Mary (i59), b.1864-
Blondell, Theodore Alexander (marriage to Sarah Countiss) (i57)


Branson, Caledonia (i36), b.1860-
Branson, Charles (i33), b.1855-
Branson, David (i35), b.1859-
Branson, Henry L, II (marriage to Susannah F Countiss) (i30), d.1880
Branson, Jennie (i37), b.1862-
Branson, John (i31), b.1851-
Branson, Laura (i38), b.1864-
Branson, Malinda (i32), b.1853-
Branson, Peter (i34), b.1857-
Branson, Susan (i39), b.1866-
Branson, Thomas (i40), b.1868-


Buskill, Alexander (marriage to Martha Countiss) (i72), d.1917
Buskill, Analiza (i76), b.1872-
Buskill, John (i75), b.1871-
Buskill, Kate (i77), b.1874-
Buskill, Mary (i73), b.1868-
Buskill, Rachel (i74), b.1869-
Buskill, Thomas (i78), b.1877-
Buskill, Trigg (i80), b.1882-
Buskill, William (i79), b.1880-


Campbell, Alice (i47), b.1871-
Campbell, Amanda (i46), b.1868-
Campbell, Charles (i43), b.1861-
Campbell, Chester (i42), b.1859-
Campbell, Elbert (i45), b.1866-
Campbell, Emmett (i44), b.1862-
Campbell, Garland (i48), b.1874-
Campbell, John W C (marriage to Mary E Countiss) (i41)


Countis, Calvin (i116)
Countis, George (i84), b.1884-


Countiss, (i17)
Countiss, Alvira (i117)
Countiss, Andrew (i83), b.1881-
Countiss, Arthur (i112), b.1892-
Countiss, Charles Cummings (i50), b.1857-
Countiss, Clemon (i95), b.1873-
Countiss, Clemon J (i13), b.1842-d.1864
Countiss, David (i109), b.1887-
Countiss, Dica (i101), b.1892-
Countiss, Dicey (i103), b.1875-
Countiss, Doctor (i89), b.1894-
Countiss, Dora (i98), b.1883-
Countiss, Eda (i18), b.1804-d.1834
Countiss, Edward (i96), b.1877-
Countiss, Eliza (i94), b.1871-
Countiss, Elizabeth (i52), b.1861-
Countiss, Emmett H (i8), b.1833-d.1923
Countiss, Eugene (i88), b.1891-
Countiss, Ezra (i92), b.1902-
Countiss, Ezra (i108), b.1885-
Countiss, Ezra Lee (i14), b.1846-
Countiss, Floyd (i91), b.1898-
Countiss, Frances (i56), b.1882-
Countiss, Franklin (i26), b.1858-
Countiss, George Washington (i16), b.1850-d.1938
Countiss, Hardy L (i118), b.1812-
Countiss, Hattie (i100), b.1890-
Countiss, Henry (i3), b.1777-d.1830
Countiss, Henry (i99), b.1887-
Countiss, Henry Clay (i28), b.1863-
Countiss, Hugh (i29), b.1866-
Countiss, Hugh (i107), b.1883-
Countiss, Ida (i54), b.1871-
Countiss, James (i25), b.1854-
Countiss, James (i87), b.1889-
Countiss, James (i111), b.1891-
Countiss, Jane (i11), b.1838-d.1870
Countiss, John (i97), b.1880-
Countiss, John (i106), b.1881-
Countiss, John Franklin (i15), b.1848-d.1925
Countiss, John M (i2), b.1807-d.1850
Countiss, Lula (i85), b.1884-
Countiss, Martha (i12), b.1841-d.1911
Countiss, Mary E (i7), b.1831-
Countiss, Mattie (i55), b.1873-
Countiss, Nora (i115), b.1911-
Countiss, Oliveanis (i110), b.1889-
Countiss, Ollie (i90), b.1896-
Countiss, Otila (i113), b.1896-
Countiss, Peter (i105), b.1879-
Countiss, Peter Granville (i9), b.1834-d.1886
Countiss, Robert (i53), b.1864-
Countiss, Sarah (i10), b.1837-
Countiss, Sarah (i27), b.1860-
Countiss, Sarah (i119), b.1808-
Countiss, Schuyler (i104), b.1876-
Countiss, Susannah F (i6), b.1831-d.1870
Countiss, Thomas (i86), b.1886-
Countiss, William Levi Perry (i4), b.1829-d.1921
Countiss, Willie (i82), b.1879-


Dixon, Rachel Ann (marriage to Emmett H Countiss) (i49)


Ellis, Ann Eliza W (marriage to Peter Granville Countiss) (i51), d.1917


Fleenor, Boadicea "Dicy" (marriage to John M Countiss) (i1), b.1812-d.1885


Garrett, Amanda Jane (marriage to Henry Clay Countiss) (i121)


Graham, Jane E (marriage to William Levi Perry Countiss) (i24), d.1885


Horn, Henry (marriage to Sarah Countiss) (i120)


Hutton, Eliza (marriage to John Franklin Countiss) (i93), d.1915


Mary "Polly" (marriage to Henry Countiss) (i5), d.1850


Phelps, Hardin (i22), b.1833-
Phelps, James (i21), b.1830-
Phelps, John (i23), b.1834-
Phelps, Martin (marriage to Eda Countiss) (i19)
Phelps, Sarah (i20), b.1824-


Richmond, Alexander Martin Countiss (i68), b.1872-
Richmond, J B (marriage to Jane Countiss) (i67)


Russell, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Ezra Lee Countiss) (i81)


Rutherford, Jemima (marriage to George Washington Countiss) (i114), d.1954


Stidham, Willie Ann (marriage to George Washington Countiss) (i102), d.1903

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