267. Eliza Ann9 Cole (Nathaniel Bartholemew8, James "Squire"7, Joseph6, Joseph5, Hugh4, Hugh3, Hugh2, James1)(352) was born in Smyth, VA, US July 23, 1833. Eliza died May 28, 1897 in Celina, Collin, TX, US, at 63 years of age.

She married Andrew Calliham October 11, 1855. Andrew was born in VA, US about 1834. (Additional notes for Andrew Calliham(353)) Andrew died after 1860.

Eliza Ann Cole and Andrew Calliham had the following children:

child 416 i. Cora Ann10 Calliham(354).

child 417 ii. Susan Minerva Calliham(355) was born October 26, 1856. Susan died 1944 at 87 years of age. She married John Marshall Floyd. (Additional notes for John Marshall Floyd(356))

child 418 iii. Mary Emily Calliham(357) was born December 25, 1857. Mary died March 1, 1884 at 26 years of age. She married Edmund Stelzer. (Additional notes for Edmund Stelzer(358))

child 419 iv. Florence Oregon Calliham(359) was born December 16, 1859. Florence died February 24, 1942 in Claude, TX, US, at 82 years of age. She married John Frank Wilson. (Additional notes for John Frank Wilson(360))

child 420 v. Virginia Rosella Calliham(361) was born March 16, 1861. Virginia died February 17, 1918 at 56 years of age. She married Charles Monroe Byrd. (Additional notes for Charles Monroe Byrd(362))

child 421 vi. Marion Smyth Calliham(363) was born November 20, 1862. Marion died June 11, 1863 at less than one year of age.

child 422 vii. Henderson Lee Calliham(364) was born April 20, 1864. Henderson died January 18, 1916 at 51 years of age. He married Nova Ann McWhirter. (Additional notes for Nova Ann McWhirter(365))

child 423 viii. Frances Angeline Calliham(366) was born July 8, 1866. Frances died June 24, 1910 at 43 years of age. She married Hugh Reed Markham Dr. (Additional notes for Hugh Reed Markham Dr.(367))

child 424 ix. Viola Cordella Calliham(368) was born October 12, 1869. Viola died December 2, 1937 at 68 years of age. She married Thomas A Finley. (Additional notes for Thomas A Finley(369))

child 425 x. Samuel Winston Calliham(370) was born May 29, 1872. Samuel died April 19, 1929 at 56 years of age. He married Louise Bain. (Additional notes for Louise Bain(371))

child 426 xi. Martha Lilly Calliham(372) was born October 8, 1874. Martha died 1948 at 73 years of age. She married Thomas W Perkins. (Additional notes for Thomas W Perkins(373))

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