253. Joseph Ryburn9 Love (Freelove8 Cole, James "Squire"7, Joseph6, Joseph5, Hugh4, Hugh3, Hugh2, James1)(331) was born 1835. Joseph died 1897 at 62 years of age.

He married Mary Elizabeth Edmondson. Mary was born 1850. (Additional notes for Mary Elizabeth Edmondson(332))

Joseph Ryburn Love and Mary Elizabeth Edmondson had the following children:

child 401 i. William10 Love(333). William died 1896. He married Edith Dunn. (Additional notes for Edith Dunn(334))

child 402 ii. Doke Love(335). He married Hallie Beard. (Additional notes for Hallie Beard(336))

child 403 iii. Virginia Love(337) was born 1869. Virginia died 1917 at 48 years of age.

child 404 iv. Minnie Love(338) was born 1871. Minnie died 1874 at 3 years of age.

child 405 v. Leonidas Love(339) was born 1873. Leonidas died 1874 at 1 years of age.

child + 406 vi. Dora A Love was born 1874.

child 407 vii. Robert Lee Love(340) was born 1877. Robert died 1944 at 67 years of age. He married Clara Thompson. (Additional notes for Clara Thompson(341))

child 408 viii. Thomas Love(342) was born 1879. Thomas died 1892 at 13 years of age.

child 409 ix. Pearl Love(343) was born 1881. She married Joseph Howard. (Additional notes for Joseph Howard(344))

child 410 x. Archie Love(345) was born 1883. Archie died 1886 at 3 years of age.

child + 411 xi. Daniel Smith Love was born 1886.

child 412 xii. Young Ryburn Love(346) was born 1889. Young died 1964 at 75 years of age. She married Nord Powers. Nord was born 1895. (Additional notes for Nord Powers(347)) Nord died 1973 at 78 years of age.

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