Third Generation

11. James3 Boardwine_(Mayo) (Elizabeth2 Boardwine, Lewis E1)(13) was born June 1843. James died 1915 at 72 years of age.

He married twice. He married Catherine Jones April 5, 1865. Catherine was born in Patrick, VA, US about 1849. (Additional notes for Catherine Jones(14)) He married Mary Josephine Shelton in Russell, VA, US, May 1, 1889. (Additional notes for Mary Josephine Shelton(15))

James Boardwine_(Mayo) and Catherine Jones had the following children:

child 12 i. Samuel4 Boardwine(16).

child 13 ii. George W Boardwine(17) was born APR 1877. He married Mary Ellen Henderson. Mary was born June 22, 1887. (Additional notes for Mary Ellen Henderson(18)) Mary died November 2, 1948 at 61 years of age.

child 14 iii. Sarah Boardwine(19). She married twice. She married R A Price. (Additional notes for R A Price(20)) She married John Dye. (Additional notes for John Dye(21))

child 15 iv. Tilman Boardwine(22). He married Anny Beth McCray. (Additional notes for Anny Beth McCray(23))

child 16 v. Henry Boardwine(24) was born about 1866. He married Frances Sword. (Additional notes for Frances Sword(25))

child 17 vi. James Boardwine(26) was born about 1870. He married Harriett Holmes. (Additional notes for Harriett Holmes(27))

child 18 vii. Charles Boardwine(28) was born January 1873. He married Susie Colley. (Additional notes for Susie Colley(29))

child 19 viii. John Thomas Boardwine(30) was born May 1876. He married Ada McCray. (Additional notes for Ada McCray(31))

child 20 ix. Melissa Ann Boardwine(32) was born 1878. She married Samuel Terry. (Additional notes for Samuel Terry(33))

child 21 x. Isaiah Aaron Boardwine(34) was born August 5, 1880. He married Mary Dora Henderson. (Additional notes for Mary Dora Henderson(35))

child + 22 xi. Cara Alice Boardwine was born May 1881.

child 23 xii. Alexander Boardwine(36) was born 1884. He married Agnes Tina Talbert. (Additional notes for Agnes Tina Talbert(37))

James Boardwine_(Mayo) and Mary Josephine Shelton had the following children:

child 24 xiii. Anthony King Boardwine(38) was born May 16, 1890. He married Georgia Tuggle. (Additional notes for Georgia Tuggle(39))

child 25 xiv. Garland Bruce Boardwine(40) was born June 1891. He married M E Davis December 3, 1912. (Additional notes for M E Davis(41))

child 26 xv. Elbert C Boardwine(42) was born March 1895. He married Mary Frances "Frannie" Henderson. (Additional notes for Mary Frances "Frannie" Henderson(43))

child 27 xvi. Mary E Boardwine(44) was born May 1900. She married Carter Fields. (Additional notes for Carter Fields(45))

child 28 xvii. Bertha L Boardwine(46) was born 1904.

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