Fourth Generation

22. Cara Alice4 Boardwine (James3 Boardwine_(Mayo), Elizabeth2 Boardwine, Lewis E1)(47) was born May 1881. Cara died December 26, 1965 at 84 years of age.

She married Charles W McCray October 11, 1897. Charles was born APR 1877. (Additional notes for Charles W McCray(48)) Charles died January 3, 1933.

Cara Alice Boardwine and Charles W McCray had the following children:

child 29 i. Carl Rufus5 McCray(49) was born January 11, 1899. Carl died October 30, 1981 at 82 years of age. He married Venner Lou Little. Venner was born August 25, 1904. (Additional notes for Venner Lou Little(50)) Venner died January 15, 1995 at 90 years of age.

child 30 ii. Harrison James McCray(51) was born July 17, 1902. Harrison died September 9, 1989 at 87 years of age. He married Naomi Crusenberry. Naomi was born October 23, 1909. (Additional notes for Naomi Crusenberry(52))

child 31 iii. Callie McCray(53) was born 1904. Callie died 1906 at 2 years of age.

child 32 iv. Willie McCray(54) was born 1905.

child 33 v. Dale McCray(55) was born March 25, 1906. Dale died December 20, 1981 at 75 years of age. He married three times. He married Ruby Johnson. (Additional notes for Ruby Johnson(56)) He married Vallie Harless. (Additional notes for Vallie Harless(57)) He married Gladys Francisco. (Additional notes for Gladys Francisco(58))

child 34 vi. Fletcher James McCray(59) was born December 31, 1909. Fletcher died October 29, 1984 at 74 years of age. He married Dessie Minor McNew December 31, 1930. Dessie was born June 27, 1903. (Additional notes for Dessie Minor McNew(60)) Dessie died April 2, 1976 at 72 years of age.

child 35 vii. Dixie Dell McCray(61) was born December 3, 1913. Dixie died July 22, 1991 at 77 years of age. She married James Edward Surber. James was born September 24, 1909. (Additional notes for James Edward Surber(62)) James died February 20, 1989 at 79 years of age.

child 36 viii. Carrie McCray(63) was born May 25, 1916. She married twice. She married Scott Woodward. (Additional notes for Scott Woodward(64)) She married W P Henderson. (Additional notes for W P Henderson(65))

child 37 ix. Sam McCray(66) was born December 24, 1918. Sam died October 28, 1974 at 55 years of age. He married Lacie McNew. Lacie was born April 12, 1916. (Additional notes for Lacie McNew(67))

child 38 x. Oscar Monda McCray(68) was born June 3, 1921. He married Reba McNew. (Additional notes for Reba McNew(69))

child 39 xi. Charles Tilmon McCray(70) was born April 15, 1925. He married twice. He married Kathleen Henderson. (Additional notes for Kathleen Henderson(71)) He married Grace Sweatman. (Additional notes for Grace Sweatman(72))

child 40 xii. Ralph McCray(73) was born August 5, 1928. He married Lorene Davenport. Lorene was born May 13, 1931. (Additional notes for Lorene Davenport(74))

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